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Economic Development Vision Statement

VISION: The City of Rio Communities is a progressive community with a diverse history and culture that is striving for a clean, safe and productive city through dedicated leadership. The City will partner with citizens and businesses to make this a quality community of choice for living, working and leisure activities.

Rio Communities has a population of 4723 in 2010 US Census and 5558 in 2013 American Community Survey (MRCOG). The city covers 7.3 square miles. Rio Communities was incorporated in 2013 and is located 35 miles south covers 7.3 square miles. Rio Communities was incorporated in 2013 and is located 35 miles south of Albuquerque and 14 miles south of Los Lunas – home of new Facebook storage facility.  Nestled along the Rio Grande River and sheltered by the 10,000 foot peaks of the Manzano Mountains, sits the progressive City of Rio Communities. Guided by the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Rio Communities has a vision to “Foster an informed citizenry by actively engaging and reporting to residents”.  To current residents, Rio Communities is a place where people can live, work, and play while being able to easily venture into other special parts of New Mexico. (See our “Quality of Life” section for New Mexico Cultural and Natural resources.). The City of Rio Communities has identified the needs and wants of it’s citizens.There are goals to maintain open spaces and create beautification to be balanced with the need for new development, businesses and services which enhance the livability of the community. One goal to increase livability in our city plus development of the City Hall and City Center, which will soon serve as a transportation hub for the community and surrounding areas.

Rio Communities assets:

  •  Affordable housing within easy commute distance of Albuquerque and Los Lunas
  •  The only golf course in Valencia County
  •  A private water and sewer system
  •  Existing and untapped business sites in city and adjacent industrial park
  •  Forward thinking city government (see government listing). See www.riocommunities.net

Come visit us! See your future business or home in the City of Rio Communities! Play a little golf while here.

Enjoy our majestic mountain, river and desert views! Relax!