Tierra Del Sol Golf Club: Established in 1968, this challenging course offers stunning views of the Manzano Mountains to the east and the Rio Grande river to the west. It's a first-class championship, public golf club, funded through affordable memberships and daily fees. A true gem in Rio Communities, it's the only golf course in Valencia County.


Rio Communities boasts three bicycle routes, including those along Highway 47, Highway 304, and Highway 309, with plans for extensions along the Manzano Expressway. These routes connect to existing paths from Del Oro South to UNM-VC and beyond. You can start your ride just outside City Limits on Manzano Expressway, with paths leading to UNM-VC, Tome Hill, Los Lunas, all within 5 minutes from Rio Communities City Hall.


From stocked irrigation ditches to the Rio Grande River, Lake Manzano, Bosque Del Apache, Pecos River, Lemitar, Santa Cashe, Elephant Butte, Isleta, and more, Rio Communities offers diverse fishing opportunities. (Website:, located 5-120 minutes from Rio Communities City Hall.)


Middle New Mexico provides various hunting opportunities for quail, waterfowl, deer, antelope, javelina, rabbits, elk, and more. Game rules are set by the New Mexico Game and Fish Department. (Website:, located 5-180 minutes from Rio Communities City Hall.)

Walking / Hiking Trails

Rio Communities residents enjoy walking and jogging on sidewalks and unofficial trails along the Bosque and the surrounding desert. Official trails in the Manzano Mountains (8-10 miles east of Rio Communities) offer scenic hiking opportunities. JFK Campground serves as the starting point for waterfalls and numerous hiking trails into the Manzano Mountains.

Senior Center

The Del Rio Senior Center, part of the Valencia County Older American Program, offers a wide range of activities, including exercise rooms, recreation, music, crafts, and yoga classes. It's located at: 351 Rio Communities Blvd., Rio Communities, NM 87002