Historic Missions

The Salinas Missions:  Less than 60 minutes from Rio Communities in the middle of New Mexico are the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument. Three sites, ABO, QUARAI, and GRAN QUIVERA offer a glimpse into a unique time in history. The sites are now abandoned but stand as cultural remembrance of the Spanish and Pueblo inhabitants in earlier times. (Must see attractions)

El Cerro de Tomė – Pilgrimage to Tome Hill:

tomehillLess than 10 minutes from Rio Communities, the pilgrimage to Tomé Hill in Tomé, New Mexico is an annual Good Friday tradition.  This tradition is similar to the pilgrimage made in northern New Mexico to the Sanctuario de Chimayo, in Chimayo. That landmark draws thousands, many of whom walk for many hours–or days–to reach the Catholic shrine.  It is said the Penitentes began the annual tradition to the Tome hilltop as a way to make penance for their sins.  Many area Christians continue the tradition as part of Easter week, making special prayers at the hilltop shrine. Three crosses dot the top of the hill.  Tomé Hill lies east of the Rio Grande and six miles south of Los Lunas. It lies about 15 miles south of Albuquerque, along the El Camino Real. The Camino Real, or King’s Highway, was the path the Spanish soldiers took as they traveled from mission to mission, before New Mexico became a state.