Valencia County Business Incubator Opens

The Valencia County Business Incubator officially opened Saturday at 360 Rio Communities Blvd. in the City of Rio Communities. It is the first rural incubator and the only incubator in New Mexico to fully embrace the metaverse by providing a virtual reality workstation. The incubator launched with three businesses already using services, and a fourth planning to start in the coming weeks.

The new incubator will be providing consulting, mentoring, office space, teambuilding, seminars and technology integration, marketing support and workstations for its clients.

“The need for this incubator has been overwhelming,” said Ben Romero, Interim Director of the Incubator. “At the grand opening seven entrepreneurs attended wanting to immediately utilize the incubator services and an additional five have reached out this past week.”

“The City of Rio Communities is thrilled to be the location for the Valencia County Business Incubator,” added Rio Communities City Manager Marty Moore, Ph.D. “There is so much growth happening in this part of the state, and the more we can help entrepreneurs succeed, the more everyone succeeds.”

The incubator is being staffed with Romero as the sole part-time employee. “We are working hard to raise money to fund a full-time staff,” Romero added. “We are growing at such a fast rate, and this is a great example of a grassroots start-up making the community better.”

The new incubator’s tagline is “Transforming Ideas Into Opportunities.”

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