Birding in New Mexico:

New Mexico has over 500 different birds the state bird list- one of the highest in the nation.  Come and decide your favorite place.  Birds are magical. They can inspire and motivate by allowing us to watch them.  There are a variety of festivals, events, birding trails, volunteer opportunities, classes and bird clubs throughout the state – many of which are sponsored by national organizations.  New Mexico’s bosque area (thick vegetation along the rivers like the Rio Grande)  provide perfect locations for birding.  New Mexico is also on many migration routes for waterfowl and a wide range of other birds.


Bosque del Apache:  Free Guided Refuge Tours

wildlife2Bosque National Wildlife Refuge offers FREE guided tours Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. Sign up at the visitor center and join one of our expert naturalists on a exciting tour. Each different tour offers a unique perspective of the refuge. Current tours include Raptor Ramble, Hidden Secrets of Bosque del Apache, Duck Detectives and Go Birding at Bosque del Apache NWR. Transportation provided (a 15 person van).


90 minutes from Rio Communities City Hall

Silvery Minnow:

The Silvery Minnow Refugium in Los Lunas, N.M., is not your average hatchery. This place  has been constructed to mimic the Rio Grande in order to breed the endangered species.  20 minutes from Rio Communities City Hall.

Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area: 

whitfield_wildlife_conservation_areaIn central New Mexico, the Rio Grande supports a cottonwood-willow riparian forest (commonly referred to by its Spanish name, bosque) and associated wetlands that are invaluable for sustaining wildlife and a supply of good quality water. In the past, many wetlands were Converted to agriculture and, more recently, impacted by urbanization.  To reverse the decline and degradation of the valuable Middle Rio Grande Bosque and its wetlands, the Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District embarked on a cooperative conservation project, the Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area. 5 minutes from Rio Communities City Hall.

Wildlife Feeding Areas:

15 minutes from Rio Communities City Hall

Dale Jones Wildlife Ladd S Gordon Waterfowl Complex Soil Conservation District – Stables Road Area  (under development)

Sevietta National Wildlife Refuge:

sevietta_national_wildlife_refugeA wide array of biological diversity is supported in four different biomes in this 230,000 acre refuge.  The Rio Grande flows through the center of the refuge, and is an important source of water that creates an oasis for wildlife in the arid landscape.  Scientists from across the country and internationally come here to conduct research in these amazing ecosystems.  The refuge is unique in that it was set aside “to preserve and enhance the integrity and the natural character of the ecosystems of the property by creating a wildlife refuge managed as nearly as possible in its natural state.”  Thus the refuge is not managed for specific wildlife species but to allow natural processes such as flood and fire to prevail.  Come and be a part of this majestic refuge. www.fws.gov/refuge/sevilleta/ 60 minutes from Rio Communities City Hall.